Question: How many people do I need to sponsor to get overflow in the matrix?

Answer: ZERO! We developed this system with the understanding that not all people who would like to build a network marketing company are actually good at recruiting, so we made this system to help anyone succeed. All you have to do is register with this site, sign up for the business opportunity with the link you are provided and then start sending people to the site using your link.

However, even if you don’t send a single person to the site you will still be qualified to have spill over from the people above you and from the natural traffic to the site. Even if you do not refer anyone to The Instant Downline Team you will be qualified to have 3 legs front level to you and you will be qualified to have those 3 legs built by the system to INFINITY! Anyone can make it using this system.

Question: Are you saying that I can just register on this site, sign up for the business opportunity and have my team built automatically?

Answer: Yeah, isn’t it cool! :0) Of course you will get out what you put into anything you do in this life, so if you are the type to just sit back and wait, your results will be slower, if you get active and refer others to the site, things will work faster for you and your results will match your overall efforts.

Question: I’m an Internet Marketer, can I advertise the TID system online?

Answer: Absolutely, go crazy… strut your stuff, just don’t do anything STUPID like SPAMMING people and you will have ZERO issues with us. Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, etc are all acceptable and you can even email your own personal opt-in lists too… Marketing Nirvana!

Question: Wow, this looks FREAKING awesome… why don’t you charge a monthly fee to us this system?

Answer: I want to be super filthy stinking RICH and drag as many people along with me as I can! If you haven’t looked at the business opportunity and it’s compensation plan you should do so now. Once you understand how The Instant Downline Team works and just how much money you can make in the compensation plan you will be telling anyone and everyone about The Instant Downline Team and you might need to invest into some medication to sleep at night too!

I have had many people tell me that I am CRAZY for not charging a monthly fee to use this site, I would much rather have this system go viral and get paid by the opportunity instead, besides do you really want to pay me what this is actually worth?… Starting price: $99.97 per month. Besides, aren’t you tired of buying CRAP that doesn’t work or not being able to afford to get started with systems that actually do work?

Ready To Get Started?

Now that you see how the Expanding Forced Matrix System we use works, take a look at the Opportunities page to see just how much money you can make using our recruiting system to build your team.

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